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About Us


RAINERS was founded en 1988. Our Company is specialized in manufacturing of boots for motor-cycling and all its categories such as Racing, Tourism, Cross, Trial and ATV. Besides, over these years, we have included more articles related to the motor-cycling world.

During this time, we have improved and developed our products and the proof is that every day more people trust our company and its result.

Our main purpose is manufacturing high quality products to assure our clients the absolute confidence in their safety.

We develop our articles according to different stages: the boots begin taking shape in our Study, Design and Quality Department. Once the products have been designed, they are handed over to our motor-cycling test riders who test them and decide if they are suitable for their needs and to be manufactured. Later on, we put them on the market.

When this process is concluded, we pass them on to our group of RAINERS professional representatives who show them to potential customers for future sales. Finally, the articles are distributed from our factory.

Now, our main purpose is improving and developing our position in the motor-cycling world in order to be able to offer the best to our clients.

RAINERS is grateful to all those people who have believed and keep on trusting our company, since they are the reason why our existence is possible.

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