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Summer touring gloves, made of a mix of leather and perforated leather, with visible external protectors. This model will adapt to your hand through the use, to the point to not even realise that you are wearing them, this is due to the specific leather we have added to them. They are extremely comfortable, they are short in length, and are provided with a strap on the lower side of the wrist, so you can adjust them as you like. This model it is always on demand, plus it is very safe, to realise you just have to look at the palms and see all the leather reinforcements and foam areas that it has.

-Made of perforated leather on top of the hand.
-Leather reinforcements on the palm of the hand.
-TPU knuckle protector with inner Foam.
-TPU protectors on fingers with outlets for breathability.
-Flexion points on fingers for better flexibility.
-Non-slip fabric on the palm.
-Polyester fabric flexible and breathable mesh between fingers.
-Adjustable velcro fastening.
-Touch material.

Level 1.
PPE according to the European directive 89/686 EEC
CE certified according to:
EN 13594:2015 Protective gloves for motorcycle riders -Requirements and test methods
EN 420:2003+A1:2009 Protective gloves -General requirements and test methods

Hand wash your gloves in warm 40º water. Dry gently and keep in a dry and ventilated place to avoid mould. Do not expose them to direct sunlight for storage or near high temperatures. Do not use any chemical solvents.