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JUNIOR TRIAL BOOT (CE) 30-32-34-35-36-37-38


Junior boots for Trial riding. It is difficult when we have to choose a product on the market to protect our kids, however RAINERS has the product you are looking for, we have made the perfect Trial boot for them. We opted for leather with greater thickness than the adults boot, also, it is equipped with all the necessary protections as well as flexors to favour mobility and a strong front protector, on top of that, these boots have the peculiarity of being weightless, which ...

RACING JUNIOR BOOT (CE) 30-32-34-35-36-37-38


Junior racing boot, our first priority, the safety and protection of our kids, and nothing better than a product manufactured in Spain by us with all the care that this model requires. This model is made of microfibre and has been produced in a wide range of sizes; We have protected with TPU all the most vulnerable areas of the foot, such as ankles, forefoot, tibia and the outer lateral area, we have also reinforced the gear shift zone, and of course, it is equipped with the ...