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Breathable motorbike suit, made of polyester, with reinforced areas such as calves and flanks. The Daytona will stop the skin of your motorbike suit from sticking to your own body avoiding over sweating and an increase of your body temperature, the suit provides you with all the breathability you need at any time and prevents overheating. On top of that we wanted to finish it off with thumb loops and straps that can be fixed to the sole of the foot; It is really easy to get on, as fastens through central zip, so you won´t need any extra support when getting it on.

-Polyester elastic mesh.
-Elastic areas at knees and back.
-Fasteners over the hands and feet.
-Reinforced elbows.
-Breathable suit, non thermal.

No compulsory level of protection is required for this section.

Hand wash at a maximum temperature of 20°C with delicate products, do not use any chemicals or solvents. Rinse thoroughly, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean, allow to air dry and store when the garment is completely dry.